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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

 The Health and Information Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake is an annual event hosted by NMWIG and hard working individuals and agencies in the Region. This event provides migrant farm workers with a fun and entertaining social event as well as providing them with valuable health and service information . Up to 400 workers attend this event each year. In the past we have had the following:
  • Dozens of agency representatives from organizations that provide service or information to migrant workers on issues such as 
    • maintaining your health in Canada- primary care
    • Occupational health techniques to reduce the chance of injury
    • First Aid and other information 
    • on-site blood pressure readings and healthy eating tips
    • How properly remove pesticide residue from clothing
    • much, much more!
  • A bicycle raffle
  • A Caribbean/Mexican themed meal
  •  Games, draws, prizes
  • Entertainment, music and even dancing!

Do you want to be a part of helping migrant workers in Niagara to feel a part of our community? To help provide them with valuable health and service information? 
The 9th annual Health and Information Festival will take place on June 4th, 2017 from 4-8 pm. We are looking for volunteers to:

  • Help us with event planning (no prior experience necessary!)
  • Help with Spanish translation on the day of the event
  • Help with set up, kitchen, etc. on the day of the event
Please consider volunteering as much or as little as you can to help make this year an event to remember!

Workers visiting the information displays at the 2015 Health and Information Festival!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

 A beautiful poem by Terry Trowbridge

February has its monstrous cold but then
that string of days when everything is warm.
The sun is out, the snow melts, and
there the air is kind to cold toes.
The deep, hopeful heat.

March is a soggy, barren, bitching month
to carry so much responsibility to
the back of a grocery store.
A coyote sneaks from her home to find food
in the wet Lake Ontario wind
of Beamsville’s crisscrossing streets,
corner after corner of stop signs and snow drifts.
But the supplies are all in one dense clamouring downtown parking lot.
She waits until dark for the last car to leave
then crawls from the ditch and sniffs at the dumpster.

In May, walking her pups in the sun-dappled
gullies of Vineland, a mother pauses to listen
to Jamaican songs, Mexican songs, barbecue radios.
Her memories of motherhood will be of multilingual afternoons
and the hidden conversations of humans just out of sight.
She will have a memory of meeting the eyes of a migrant worker
who afterwards writes his pregnant wife
about how he wants to be with her.
The coyotes here, he says, are the only Canadians
who understand.

Terry Trowbridge is from the Niagara region where he is awestruck by the activism of diverse groups like Niagara Action for Animals, the Heartland Forest Nature Centre, the Niagara Migrant Workers Interest Group, Grey Borders, and the St. Catharines Poetry Slam.

Please donate that bike sitting in your garage to a great cause!